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The Definitive Guide to Masonite: Building Web Applications with Python

English | PDF,EPUB | 2020 | 215 Pages | ISBN : 1484256018 | 4.6 MB
Build fast and effective applications using Masonite, a Python-based framework. This book covers creating an ecommerce application, but it’s certainly not the only kind of application you could build. By working on this kind of project, you’ll cover the broad range of topics and requirements you’re likely to find as you establish your own web empire.
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Python Scripting for Computational Science, First Edition

Python Scripting for Computational Science by Hans Petter Langtangen
English | PDF | 2004 | 743 Pages | ISBN : 3662054523 | 61.18 MB

The primary purpose of this book is to help scientists and engineers work­ ing intensively with computers to become more productive, have more fun, and increase the reliability of their investigations. Scripting in the Python programming language can be a key tool for reaching these goals [27,29]. The term scripting means different things to different people.

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R Programming for Data Science (True PDF)

English | PDF | 2016 | 181 Pages | ISBN : 1365056821 | 6 MB

Data science has taken the world by storm. Every field of study and area of business has been affected as people increasingly realize the value of the incredible quantities of data being generated. But to extract value from those data, one needs to be trained in the proper data science skills.

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Special Topics in Multimedia, IoT and Web Technologies

Special Topics in Multimedia, IoT and Web Technologies by Valter Roesler
English | PDF,EPUB | 2020 | 293 Pages | ISBN : 3030351017 | 47 MB

This book presents a set of recent advances that involve the areas of multimedia, IoT, and web technologies. These advances incorporate aspects of clouds, artificial intelligence, data analysis, user experience, and games. In this context, the work will bring the reader the opportunity to understand new possibilities of use and research in these areas. We think that this book is suitable for students (postgraduates and undergraduates) and lecturers on these specific topics. Professionals can also benefit from the book since some chapters work with practical aspects relevant to the industry.

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Hands-on Scikit-Learn for Machine Learning Applications: Data Science Fundamentals with Python

Hands-on Scikit-Learn for Machine Learning Applications: Data Science Fundamentals with Python by David Paper
English | PDF,EPUB | 247 Pages | ISBN : 1484253728 | 5.67 MB

Aspiring data science professionals can learn the Scikit-Learn library along with the fundamentals of machine learning with this book. The book combines the Anaconda Python distribution with the popular Scikit-Learn library to demonstrate a wide range of supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms. Care is taken to walk you through the principles of machine learning through clear examples written in Python that you can try out and experiment with at home on your own machine.

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Deep Learning Applications

Deep Learning Applications by M. Arif Wani
English | PDF,EPUB | 2020 | 184 Pages | ISBN : 9811518157 | 38 MB

This book presents a compilation of selected papers from the 17th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (IEEE ICMLA 2018), focusing on use of deep learning technology in application like game playing, medical applications, video analytics, regression/classification, object detection/recognition and robotic control in industrial environments.

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Crypto Uncovered: The Evolution of Bitcoin and the Crypto Currency Marketplace

Crypto Uncovered: The Evolution of Bitcoin and the Crypto Currency Marketplace by Sarah Swammy
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 194 Pages | ISBN : 3030001342 | 22.9 MB

Crypto currency integrated BlockChain under Virtual Scalable Enterprises is a widely debated and earnestly discussed topic in the technology arena. Executives at the largest institutions are calling crypto currency fraudulent while high-level institutional banking professionals are leaving their positions to jump into crypto technology, regulation and investment opportunities as industries advance towards adoption.
The narratives on these topics are diametrically opposite and polarizing on both side of the debate. While this debate has many layers from a government regulatory side to social impact to the practicality of everyday use of crypto currencies in developing markets, it is safe to assume that crypto currencies or utility tokens are more than a global phenomenon and are now becoming a working framework for optional modes of business.

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Hands-On One-shot Learning with Python

Hands-On One-shot Learning with Python: A practical guide to implementing fast and accurate deep learning models with fewer training samples

A practical guide to implementing fast and accurate deep learning models

2020 | ISBN: 978-1838825461 | English | 207 pages | True (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) + Code | 17.5 MB

Get to grips with building powerful deep learning models using scikit-learn and Keras

Key Features

  • Learn how you can speed up the deep learning process with one-shot learning
  • Use the power of Python and Keras to build state-of-the-art one-shot learning models
  • Explore one-shot learning architectures such as Siamese networks and memory-augmented networks
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