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C++/C# Books

Microsoft Blazor: Building Web Applications in .NET

English | PDF,EPUB | 2020 | 296 Pages | ISBN : 1484259270 | 13.67 MB

Build web applications in C# and Microsoft .NET that run in any modern browser. This second edition is updated to work with the release version of Blazor and covers Blazor’s use in creating both server-side and WebAssembly Blazor applications. Developers are able to use all their experience in .NET along with thousands of existing libraries, right in the browser.

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Python Scripting for Computational Science, First Edition

Python Scripting for Computational Science by Hans Petter Langtangen
English | PDF | 2004 | 743 Pages | ISBN : 3662054523 | 61.18 MB

The primary purpose of this book is to help scientists and engineers work­ ing intensively with computers to become more productive, have more fun, and increase the reliability of their investigations. Scripting in the Python programming language can be a key tool for reaching these goals [27,29]. The term scripting means different things to different people.

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Financial Numerical Recipes in C ++

English | PDF | 2014 | 264 Pages | ISBN : N/A | 1.11 MB

This book is a a discussion of the calculation of specific formulas in finance. The field of finance has seen a rapid development in recent years, with increasing mathematical sophistication. While the formalization of the field can be traced back to the work of Markowitz (1952) on investors mean-variance decisions and Modigliani and Miller (1958) on the capital structure problem, it was the solution for the price of a call option by Black and Scholes (1973); Merton (1973) which really was the starting point for the mathematicalization of finance.

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C++20 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

C++20 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach by J. Burton Browning
English | PDF,EPUB | 2020 | 645 Pages | ISBN : 148425712X | 26.31 MB

Discover the newest major features of C++20, including modules, concepts, spaceship operators, and smart pointers. This book is a handy code cookbook reference guide that covers the C++ core language standard as well as some of the code templates available in standard template library (STL).

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Numerical Simulations and Case Studies Using Visual C++.Net

Numerical Simulations and Case Studies Using Visual C++.Net by Shaharuddin Salleh
English | PDF | 2005 | 367 Pages | ISBN : 0471694614 | 11.86 MB

Master the numerical simulation process required to design, test and support mobile and parallel computing systems. An accompanying ftp site contains all the Visual C++ based programs discussed in the text to help readers create their own programs. With its focus on problems and solutions, this is an excellent text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, and a must-have reference for researchers and professionals in the field of simulations.

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Mastering C++ Programming: Become an expert programmer

Mastering C++ Programming: Become an expert programmer by learning coding best practices with C++17 and C++20’s latest features

2020 | ISBN: 9781838552657 | English | 538 pages | True (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) + Code | 45.38 MB

Design and architect real-world scalable C++ applications by exploring advanced techniques in low-level programming, object-oriented programming (OOP), the Standard Template Library (STL), metaprogramming, and concurrency

Key Features

  • Design professional-grade, maintainable apps by learning advanced concepts such as functional programming, templates, and networking
  • Apply design patterns and best practices to solve real-world problems
  • Improve the performance of your projects by designing concurrent data structures and algorithms

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Reverse Engineering for Beginners: Understanding Assembly Language

Reverse Engineering for Beginners: Understanding Assembly Language by Dennis Yurichev
English | PDF | 2019 | 1056 Pages | ISBN : N/A | 9.35 MB

When the author of this book first started learning C and, later, C++, he used to write small pieces of code, compile them, and then look at the assembly language output. This made it very easy for him to understand what was going on in the code that he had written. 1 . He did this so many times that the relationship between the C/C++ code and what the compiler produced was imprinted deeply in his mind. It’s now easy for him to imagine instantly a rough outline of a C code’s appearance and function. Perhaps this technique could be helpful for others.

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Numerical Methods and Software Tools in Industrial Mathematics

Numerical Methods and Software Tools in Industrial Mathematics by Morten Dæhlen
English | PDF | 1997 | 404 Pages | ISBN : 081763973X | 34.65 MB

During the last fifty years, the development of better numerical methods and more powerful computers has been a major enterprise for the scien- tific community. Today, problems of extreme complexity can be solved. However, for real life applications, the availability of reliable scientific soft- ware seems to be emerging as a limiting factor.

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